Sylvia Slone
Pinellas Park, FL
A very good friend and coworker handed me this cross at a celebration of life for my mother and my husband. My husband and I were caregivers for my elderly mother for 9 years in our home. She was very independent and able to pretty much take care of herself until the last few years. Then we only needed to keep an eye on her until she had a hip collapse and she ended up bedridden. My sister, husband and I refused to let her just lay there and stare out the window so we got her out of the house whenever we could, even if it meant lifting her in the car or having wheelchair transport or care ride take her and we would meet her at our destination. She passed away June 29, 2015. My sister and I went to NY for her funeral (that is where my Dad and 2 brothers are buried). When I returned home my husband was not feeling well, he was bloated so we had testing done and within 2 weeks he was diagnosed with non-alcohol related chirrosis of the liver. He went through many procedures to help, but on January 31, 2016 my husband passed. In 7 months 2days I lost the 2 people that truly loved me unconditionally. Yesterday my husband and I were married for 35 yrs.