5 Ways to Reconnect With Your Spirit


Be thankful in all things 

When life seems to be falling apart, try to turn the situation around and look at it from another perspective.  The other day I was feeling melancholy about all the loss in my life.  Instead of dwelling in the sadness I thanked God instead for the fullness that I had experienced.  If it had not been for those experiences in my life, I would never had known those joys, or the quiet of the losses.

Be present

We spend too much of our day worrying about tomorrow and fussing over yesterdays.  Let them go.   Instead stop and look around,  find the good that is right in front of your eyes.  It might be something as small as a flower,  a yellow butterfly, green lights on the way to work, or a friend sitting across the table from you listening, not texting.

Appreciate the small things

We concentrate too much on what we wish we had.  Instead stop and look at what you do have and realize how blessed you are.  There will always be something more you want.  Learn to wait, save for it and cherish it when you get it.


Do something nice for someone else.

When we stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking about others our troubles seem to fade away or get smaller.


Reconnect and fellowship

Call a friend and go for a walk.  Go to the movies. Take a walk on the beach or just relax with a glass of wine.    Whatever you decide to do cherish and nurture your friendships.

And if you are still feeling out of sorts, come join our monthly potlucks.  A willing heart is all you need.  You might think you are coming to help us, but I promise you, you will leave feeling better about yourself.