APC 14.704

Lynne Knowles


In the mail yesterday, June 11, 2014 I received this lovely cross from a dear friend.  Attached was a story from my friend about how she received the cross and a little background on how she became aware of this ministry. My friend told me that one of her sisters “Stacy” purchases crosses to give her team that participate in a Relay for Life event.  My friend and her sisters were celebrating the 50th birthday of sister “Laurie ”  over a weekend at a beach near us.  Laurie had been given a cross years before by sister “Stacy” but was reluctant to pass it on as she cherished it so very much.  Stacy gave Laurie another cross this weekend so she could have one to pass on.
On Saturday evening the sisters were sitting on the beach all wearing matching t-shirts and Laurie in her crown. A woman happened upon them and said what a loving family they were.  She asked if she could be a part of their family?  Stacy noticed this woman was wearing a shirt with the Answered Prayers Cross emblem on it….they told the woman of their cross experience and she said. ” I am Elizabeth, I’m the cross maker!”  As you can imagine…overwhelmed they were to say the least!
Elizabeth mailed a cross to my dear friend Mickey and this cross arrived at her door on June 9th 2014.
I have known Mickey for a few years and share a special bond with her. Mickey has walked through some very difficult days with me.  As I hope I have been a friend to her as well. Three years ago on June 9th 2011, I lost my only child to a drug overdose.  She was 23.  The date was not a coincidence….we know this.  The cross said “Hope” on it.  A term I have been associated with since I learned of my daughters addiction in 2008.  Mickey sent it to me saying that the minute she opened it she knew it belonged with me. What a touching and amazing gift to receive!
I love the vision and mission of this ministry.
Through my daughters addiction and death I have been given an amazing gift.  A reconnection with God.  Amazing friends that have taught me a better way to live.  Hope that life can be good no matter what our struggles or tragedies we may encounter.  And knowing that my daughters struggles and pain here on Earth were more than she could bear…God relieved her of that disease that so plagued her spirit.  I will see her again…and until then she walks beside me every step of the way.
Thank you Mickey for sending this true gift if love to me.  I will strive to follow the path it leads me on in my journey of HOPE.
Lynne <3<3<3