A Mother’s Tears

Cross #: 16.3206
St. Petersburg, FL
My first born and only son, Blake, took his life in November after many years of struggling with depression and anxiety, amidst yet another ugly break-up with a girlfriend. His death has left our family numb with grief, but committed to helping improve awareness of mental health needs and suicide prevention. We asked for donations to the National Alliance for Mental Illness in his obituary and walked with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Tampa just weeks after his death.

The parent of one of Blake’s dear friends, who had just months earlier lost her oldest daughter in a random shooting, reached out to provide comfort in our mourning and gave me and my daughter each a cross. We have bonded over our terrible losses and are trying to focus on faith and future, though broken as we are. And through support groups, my family has met even more families suffering similar grief and we plan to pass along the crosses, soon.