A brother’s love

Cross #: APP17-2941
Burlington, NC
I was given this cross by my brother after I was told I had (3) types of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer in 2017. I carried it with me on every treatment and surgery. I went through 12 treatments of chemo and have been in remission for 1 year ( this cancer never goes away). When finished with these treatments I was told I have prostate cancer. I had 30 radiation treatments, 2 years of hormone shots and a surgery. I just had my 6 months checkup and my PSA level is at ZERO. On my 3rd radiation treatment, I was laying on the table (only one in the room) and I felt someone pull on my toes. I said who is there, the technicians said over the speaker no one is in the room. At that moment the Lord spoke to me and said: I’m taking all the cancer from your body and you will be well. I have a shirt that I made when I first was told I had cancer, and my quote is: I Will Win With HIM….Believe.