A Daughter’s Love

Cross #: 14.3634
St Petersburg, FL
After a sudden death of my mother, my dear friend Yvette gave me this beautiful cross.  It made me cry, but it was a sign my mother was called to heaven and didn’t have a choice when to go.  She left us in her sleep, just like her mother did . . . peacefully.  My mother was loved by more people than I can even begin to describe.  She was such a giver and thoughtful person.  She always had postive uplifting  things to say that would uplift you even in the darkest days.  I aspire to have the same impact on others.  I know I am capable, I just need to be less selfish, but like the cross, I am perfectly flawed and will touch the lives God has placed in front of me.  I remain open to teachings and lessons that come my way because they will make me my mother’s daughter the one she was so proud of while she was alive.