A Father’s Love

Cross #: 17.2762
Odessa, FL
Although my father was a great man, he never really realized how much he meant to me.  Our relationship was good but not close and I always longed for closeness with him.  Years passed, I hated all of the things that got in the way of us really getting to know each other better.  Then 3 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer.  He did get the treatment and was cancer free, but the side effects didn’t go away and he did not have the quality of life he once had before cancer.  He couldn’t eat real food, he didn’t have the energy to golf as much.  However during this time, because we were both up early in the mornings we would call each other.  I knew he would be home those mornings and he almost always answered.  It soon became our routine to talk a couple of times each week to say good morning and really talk about life:)  We enjoyed our morning conversations for 2 years before cancer took over again.  I know that God gave me those two years before he died, to heal the past.  I will always cherish those morning talks and miss the conversations and him very much.  So grateful for Gods ways of healing in our lives, I prayed for that closeness for years and he delivered. Thank you God!!