A Freind’s Love

Cross # 16.2342
Tega Cay, SC
Several years ago my friend Marge, from my home church there in St.Petersburg, FL, gave me the sweetest cross with the word “FAITH” on it. I was very moved when she told me how they were made. I hung it in a prominent place in my home, where I would see it several times a day.
Fast forward a couple of years to 2018 and I lost my beloved husband of almost 50 years, then in a couple of months was hospitalized myself with a life-threatening illness, during which time I was the recipient of many, many prayers! Miraculously, I survived and moved up here to SC to live with my daughter and family.
In the process of moving, almost all of my “stuff” was gotten rid of, with one exception – that cross! I wasn’t letting that out of my sight, thank you. It now hangs in my room where I can see it all day and is my constant reminder of how much God loves me and cares for me, as well as how important it is to constantly pray for others as was done for me.
I’m thinking perhaps I need to pay it forward, giving it to someone up here who would benefit as much from it as I have. I think God is telling me who, so I will be sure to tell them about the registry too.
This is an amazing ministry. Thank you so much for what you do.
God bless all of you.