A Friend’s Journey

Cross #:19.2470
Largo, FL
A dear friend gave me this beautiful Art With Heart, heart, to share my testimony with. I’m very thankful for her thinking of me in such a wonderful way. Thank you Suzanne! :) You’re such a beautiful person! :) She & I go to a weight loss organization. She is so inspirational to me because she has reached her goal, & I’m almost there. :) With her inspiration, support, & accountability from the organization, & God’s strength, I will get there too. I prayed to God to lead me a weight loss solution that woud finally work for me to take off my excess weight & He led me to this organization. With their help, support, & God’s strength I’ve lost almost all my excess weight. Tried & tried to do it on my own w/o God’s help, but it never worked. I’m living testimony that if you give it to God, anything & all is possible. :) I thank Suzanne, the org. & God for my faith, trust, & belief in Him that got me to where I am in my weight loss journey today, & together we will reach our goals! :)