A Friend’s Loss

Cross #: 14.94
Hershey, PA
My good friend Melissa passed this cross to me about 4 years ago.  Melisa had been an inspiration to me and to others as she had lost her daughter Eva and used that pain of loss to create Eva’s Hands to help children who had lost siblings.  I felt so loved the day that Melisa gave me the cross.  Our family was facing a very difficult time due to my husband having criminal accusations made against him that resulted in both us loosing our jobs, our home, and many of our friends.  It has been a real struggle for us financially and tested our marriage and our faith.  He is now facing deportation as a result which means our family being separated for the next few years as we continue our lives here  in the US without him by our side.  However, our marriage, our faith and trust in God, and our relationship as a family have grown stronger as we look towards our future.  I have not wanted to part with the cross as it has brought great comfort to me as I look at it each day.  I have wanted to pass it on to many people as they face challenges of their own, yet never was able to bring myself to part with it, that is until now.  I am sending it to friend of mine’s mom.  My friend passed away about 5 years ago, and recently his mom lost her husband, and their beloved family dog. I cannot imagine the pain she must be feeling, and yet I think of how strong of a woman she must be. I hope the cross brings here as much comfort as it has brought me