A Friend’s Love

Cross #: 17.5965
St. Petersburg, FL
I have a dear friend who was going through a bad time including some health issues. He became very depressed and ‘dropped out’ of sight.  When I heard from him he was in a bad way. I was very worried. Then one day he reached out to me again and we met.  He then told me about an ‘Angel’  who  came into his life and gave him a caring friendship and this Cross.  He sounded uplifted, positive and happy. He told me his life is changing since he was gifted this Cross and he believes strongly in its power. He  knows that I too am going through my own bad time. He can see I am somewhat depressed and worried. Believing my fate is in Gods hands and he WILL take care of me, being human…it is difficult not to worry. I am trying to remain positive and happy and keep the negative words out of my mouth. As Joyce Meyer says “change your words, change your life”!  I saw the  positive effect that Angel and this Cross had on my friend.  I am praying that my friend, my ‘Angel’ and this Cross has the same effect over me and my life as well. With God pointing the way, how can I lose!