A Friend’s Love

Cross #: 11.12986
Richmond, VA
My husband and I had a year in which we lost 3 beloved family members. Our hearts were broken. Some days we felt as though we were drowning in grief.
I received a package in the mail. It contained a beautiful handmade ceramic cross and the most beautiful note. This package came from a friend who had experienced what I can only imagine is the greatest loss. The loss if her precious daughter.
I looked at her note, and the beautiful cross and felt an incredible warmth. If this beautiful friend could find the love to comfort me in the wake of her own grief, I know I will be ok. Her faith filled me with a renewed faith. I realized that God is in charge of everything. He knows what we need when we need it. I can count on him and the faith and love he sent through my precious friend, to get me through anything.
I have held onto this cross for far too long. It has held a powerful meaning to me. But as my heart breaks for a friend who just lost her husband of 50 years, I realize the faith, the comfort, the message represented by this cross needs to be shared. So today I am passing it on.
My prayer is that it can bring the same comfort to my friend in pain that it brought to me.
God Bless Answered Prayers project.