A Long Journey of Faith

Cross #: 11.11546
Carmel, CA

My friend Julie gave me the cross when I was struggling with finding a treatment plan for a finally diagnosed Lyme disease after struggling with mystery symptoms for 2 years and being ignored and passed off by doctors. I had a target shaped sign on my leg that I asked a doctor that I directly asked if it was Lyme disease, and she said it was a spider bite. It was a LONG JOURNEY to get a diagnosis. Extreme pain, weakness, memory loss, grand mal seizures, frozen shoulder, and most of the entire list of Lyme disease symptom check list…my health had dwindled into a state of just existing. I could no longer hold my toddler children. I could no longer make it through the day unless I slept as soon as I got home from work. I was a horrible mess. I was having trouble functioning as a human. I could no longer pick up a ream of paper or a personal size watermelon to place in a shopping cart. That is when I knew I was in trouble…Let’s not forget the seizures.  My physical therapist was getting frustrated because I was getting worse rather than better as he was working with me. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I was doing everything I was supposed to do for that frozen shoulder.  I wanted God to take me, but my struggle was that I wanted to be alive for my girls.  I wanted them to have a mom in their life, but a mom that was useful. I had to fight for this life.

An intervention from God allowed me to meet a friend who told me about a place in Arizona that did alternative treatment for Lyme disease where they did blood ozone, intravenous hospital grade peroxide and vitamin C, along with MANY other things that I can’t pronounce. 2-3 hours a day of daily treatments. I know because she went through the protocol two years prior, and she was still well. I put my trust in God and took a visit. After much discussion with my husband and a loan with the bank, we flew the family to Arizona for our first consultation to give it a shot. This would be an investment for my life. It is all out of pocket because it is alternative medicine.  After 3 weeks in December, back at spring break, back in summer, and once again at Christmas the following year, I was back to the Lori that I thought I never thought I would be again. I could pick up my children.  I could stay awake an entire daytime. Seizures were not happening.

God does answer prayers, and there are angels everywhere.   People are sent to help deliver God’s messages…I truly believe this.  I am well now.  I pray that I stay well.  Had I not had the courage to go to Arizona, who knows where I would be today. I was in very poor condition. I don’t know if my kids would have a mom that is able to be present in their lives. I treasure this time with them.