A Loving Heart

Cross #:18.085
Land O Lakes, FL
Listen……do you hear it. When it jumps and thumps and quivers. Wait……do you feel it. When it pounds, skips, stops, and restarts. Familiar sounds, some fast, some slow, some skip. Familiar feel, squeeze, jump, quiver, pressure, uncomfortableness. Each thump and whoosh and beat. I think I know or do I. Silent damage, death of stealth. The world goes black, the body lies back. A brush with fate. Gasping, confused, the brain deprived of life. I’ll know it again they say. A cut here a cut there. Being stripped of disguise inside out. Left with scars outside in. How will the world react. The brain throbbing, whooshing around lost. No doubt this fate will come again. But Wait!…………..What was that………..
Today I will be going in to fix this funny little electric problem of my heart. I pray for a speedy recovery so that I may go back to raising my two little wonders, taking care of my patients, and being there for my friends, and my fellow colleagues.