A Mother’s Heart

Cross #: 18.1012
Clearwater, FL

My cross was given to me as a gift several years ago. Immediately, I went onto this site but never felt ready to pinpoint what I “needed”…there were so many things. Instead of tucking it away, I placed the cross on my desk so that I would see it every day. Every week I dust it and around it and tell myself, “One day, I will go on that site…”. I refused to hang it up until it had more than its original worth.
I realize now that there is never going to be the “right” time as life presents continues to present challenges on a daily basis. I know to pray, trust and persevere. I know to let go and let God…and allow everything to fall into place. I am so thankful to have stayed healthy through what has been such a horrible pandemic year…but the challenges I face remain. Some challenges seem much bigger than others. Of all of them, the ones that most affect me are:
1) My children were all baptized Catholic. All of them have separated from the Catholic Church. They believe in God, and two of them have become Christians on their own…this makes my heart so happy. But none of my Grandchildren, are baptized. More than anything, I pray that all of my Grandchildren are baptized.
2) One of my daughters, who is a wonderful mother, has not been able to hold onto a solid relationship, nor has she ever held a job for even one year. She now has a child, but her home life is chaotic. Their baby (2) is subject to constant fighting and yelling. I see so many positive changes in this daughter, but she is miserable and cannot seem to break free. Since she is not working, she is “stuck” with the baby’s father. He is verbally abusive. ignores the baby… and she feels trapped. I have financially supported her in some way all her life. She is now 26…no longer on my health insurance and without. I pray for stability, happiness for her and the baby, a solid relationship and a good job that provides and true happiness.
3) My son is such an incredible kid, but he relies on me for everything – food, shelter, transportation. After my husband’s suicide 5 years ago, he stopped going to school (8th grade). After much drama, he has since gotten his GED and now has a solid job where he is appreciated. I pray that he begins to branch off on his own, learns to drive and stays safe, vigilant, and remains a good example to those around him.