A Place Called Home

Cross #: 16.2436
Tampa, FL
God showed me in 2015 that my home is not my own and to surrender it to Him and for His use. Missionaries have always been my heroes and I have prayed and supported many over the years. As I was praying about my 2016 goals I felt that God wanted me to support more missionaries. As I looked at my finances I could not figure out how I could commit to financially supporting another missionary. I don’t have much but my home, car and the stuff that God has given me. This is when God reminded me of a vision and desire to have a home open to anyone in need of a place to call “HOME”. So, it began in January 2016 a friend who had just completed her mission work with children in Brazil and was in need of a place to call “HOME” until God directed her to her next place of calling. It was the first time in 8 years that I as a single woman had a roommate and it opened my eyes to how much I needed the support of community.
My story of “The Cross” started when my next roommate was brought to my home. Another missionary, serving around the world, was in need of a place to call “HOME”.  Jesus allowed us to share the same vision for those in need of a home for those who are sojourners and following after the calling of the Lord. My heart to support missionaries in this way to give them a place to always call home no matter where God has led them to, brought them from nor will be leading them to. My heart’s cry is that God will give me the faith to trust Him to provide not only financially a home but to give them a place to rest, peace, joy, to be fed…relationally, spiritually and to rest for their next journey from the Lord. When my roommate gave me the cross as a gift and I saw that it had the word “HOME” on it.  I was overwhelmed by the significance of God confirming that this is a good thing. Many people from all walks of life and around the world have been invited into our home through these two roommates. This safe space has brought much joy, laughter, peace, acceptance, love, hope, healing, rest and a place to celebrate with a bit (or bunch) of fun craziness. Home is not just a physical location but a place in our hearts. “HOME”, is for others no matter how short or long the stay, may Jesus make us aware and guide each person in need to a place called HOME!