A Survivors Story

Cross #: 14.4577
Tampa, FL

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was very small.  She underwent a radical mastectomy and got on with life.  She lost her battle 23 years later to metastatic breast cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 55 years old.  I felt my mother with me at surgery at radiation and throughout the grueling chemo which left me very weak and unrecognizable.  I received my cross on September 2015 at Faces of Courage, a camp for women cancer survivors. A friend of mine told me about this camp and I knew I should go.  I’ve learned so much from the other survivors all ages all walks of life with a common bond.  They taught me so much.  They had overcome such adversity and still enjoyed life.  I knew I could too.  I am now an 11 year breast cancer survivor.  Thank you God.  Thank you Mami 💓