A wife’s love



Cross #: 175971
Powell, TN
This cross was given to me after my husband, John passed away.  I know God is always with me but sometimes, it’s just too overwhelming and I can hardly breathe.  My husband was a living example of Jesus’ love for His bride.  I’m lost without him and I’m still not sure I know how to keep moving forward.  I keep reading the words on this cross;  “He will be our peace”…  “He will be our peace”…  I’m holding onto those words because the only peace I have right now truly is in Him…  The only hope I have is in Him…  I have never been more painfully aware that this earth is NOT my home.  My husband was ‘home’ to me.  Heaven is my home.  I just want to go home.  Until I go home, I will remember that “He will be our peace”…  He IS my peace…