Angels Everywhere

Cross #: Angel, 16.8733
Kraków, Poland, Europe
My name is Agnieszka. I live in Kraków, very old and beautiful place.
I received the angel (with these words on it: “Angel said don`t be afraid”) from David Benson, our close friend in Christ, while he was in our house, about 2 weeks ago, Sept.2017.
When I saw the angel, I just smiled. This angel reminds me about one special day in my life, when I was praying for one of our children. It was last year, 2016, very difficult time in my life.
So I prayed  that day and asked God for hope. When I closed my eyes, I saw in my daughters` room a huge angel. His wings filled  whole the room!
God reminded me that my daughter is safe….and I do not have to worry.
He is good God and He loves his children…