Answered Prayers

Cross #: 11.9042
Cooper City, FL
I found this beautiful blue cross in a local goodwill for $4 and I immediately loved it. When I got home, and read what it was, my eyes filled up with tears. It was meant for us!.
I have been praying for a safe place for my kids and I to live in, for the things God knows we need not want… at this time in our lives, these things we need include peace, safety, support from my family and  a quiet place to live since we were victims of domestic violence recently and had to leave everything behind.
This is my answered prayer and I am proud to share it!
Thank you Jesus for giving us just what we needed at your perfect time. I have it hanging right next to my front door as a reminder of how God answered our prayers and how Blessed we are.
Ily and her kids!