Be The Light

Cross #: APP 18.2148
Lithia, FL
As we go on life’s journey, sometimes we are hit with challenges that knock us down so hard that it’s difficult to get back up. We try to grasp an understanding of how such evil, betrayal & injustice could ever occur, & how we can forgive while suffering such incredible hurt & pain from it all. Then God sends His special love through friends, family & even strangers who unselfishly show you such great kindness & compassion & we are reminded that there is still such goodness & beauty in the world. I received this cross at a women’s faith conference where we were reminded of how much God loves us. From the people who worked so hard to put on the conference, to those who attended, we were surrounded by true servants who live out the love of Christ for others. We were reminded to have faith & trust in God, even when it is hard to get back up. Just as Christ had fallen several times carrying the weight of the cross, He trusted in His Father’s will & love which gave him the strength to get back up. We were reminded as we stood in the ashes of our own pains, to look up at the cross & remember how much Jesus loves us. As we go through life, focus on looking up to heaven for our hope. Just as others shared God’s love to us, we in turn can help lift the cross for others, let them know they are loved & be the light of Christ in this world as He lives in each of us.