Breaking Through Fear

Cross #: 19.1196
Sanford, FL
I just received a new job and new position that i have been waiting for for a while.  After starting the exciting yet fearful new job, i started to have fear come over me.  I of course broke through the fear.  I also work in an old hospital, where many people have died that is now just offices.  As i would talk to other employees, they would tell me that they have seen shadow figures at night.  I knew that. I would pray before entering that building for protection every morning.  Shortly after hearing the stories,  I remember my aunt telling me about, “Answered Prayers Project”.  I reached out to Elizabeth, and briefly explained to her my story.  Elizabeth asked me,  if I trusted her to pick me out a cross; I said, “of course”.  We prayed on the phone together. As soon as i hung up, I felt a sense of peace come over me that, everything is going to be ok and that god has me through this new journey.  A few days later, I received my beautiful cross that stated, ” You’re doing better than you think with god’s help”.  Thank you Elizabeth, I love my cross.