Butterflies Simply Say I Love You

Cross #: 17.3047
Fort Myers, FL
My name is Heather I am a part of Valerie’s House in Fort Myers Florida. I lost my 10-year-old son Carter on August 4th, 2014 very unexpectedly. I tried to preform CPR on him and it ultimately kept him alive for two more days on life support enough time for a family to say goodbye. He had a younger brother Carson who is now 8 and they were very very close and Valerie’s House has helped him very much and myself as well deal with the grief. I have never experienced anything more painful then losing my son who had so much life ahead of him its a pain I will never get over I just learn how to deal with it everyday. the piece i picked reminded me of him it is a butterfly that simply says I love you! The day before my son passed we were at a park and a beautiful butterfly landed on his fingers and just sat there for awhile Carter thought it was the coolest thing that it chose to land on him and that’s why I picked the piece and if I could see him again I would tell him how much I love him and always will!