Continual Love

Cross #: 17.172
Indian Trail, (No state provided)
I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father who repeatedly beat me and my sister.  We lost our home and had to move in with my grandmother. My mother, Berlena, died April 2017 and she was our angel in dealing with an alcoholic father.  She took us to church every Sunday and never gave up on us.  She was our rock.  She was a true angel who loved everyone and always had a beautiful smile even during her hardships.  We accepted Christ as our Savior and He is the one who has helped us get through the trials. Before she passed away she was living in a nursing home with my father.  He made it up to her the last couple of years and asked for her forgiveness. I had to learn to forgive him also.  He is in a nursing home and it is very expensive.  We three children are having to pay to keep him in the nursing home.  There are four children but one of them is unable financially to pay her share.  It was hard at first to have to keep putting out money every month to keep him in the nursing home when he did nothing for us.  It was even harder to forgive him as he wiped out all my mother’s money she inherited from her mother and was still drinking and gambling.  At least mother was on Medicaid, and we could keep her up, but daddy is another issue. Daddy is not drinking or smoking now that he is in a nursing home but he is a very difficult person.  We can’t even get him in a cheaper nursing home because he is bi-polar and has a bad record.  He pitches fits and is very difficult to deal with.  He has almost been kicked out twice now. Pray this Christmas season that I can try to give daddy love even though he has shown no love for us, even now.  He is very self-centered.  I am still trying to see him every week and doing the best I can to move on with my life.  I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!