Cross #10.1511

Winter Haven, FL

I received the cross from a wonderful family friend for Chirstmas. It has taken me a awhile, but I finally had a quiet weekend and was able to come on here. I’m not ready to pass my cross along, yet, as I am still feeling very much in limbo in my life…. although I don’t know why.

I’ve been divorced for 3 1/2 years. The first year and a half was all about being the momma bear, trudging
forward, head down, to dig us out of that financial (and emotional) hole, but with God’s grace I managed to “land us on our feet” while He and my amazing family  held my hand. Since then blessings have continued to surround me and my two happy and bright children. I have a great job that I love and that enables me to provide well for my kids. I live in a beautiful place near family… And yet with all these blessing in my life, I still feel “unsettled”.  I am still renting, though I could afford to buy (and in a perfect buyer’s market). I have
made a few attempts at dating, but with kids, work, family & friends, it seems silly to waste precious  time kissing a bunch of frogs while digging for the ever elusive prince. So, with all theses amazing  people and blessings filling my life, why do I continue to feel in such limbo? Why can’t I see my path?… And so I pray.

I pray that God will come into my heart, my mind, my soul, and guide me in being the best mommy I can be, because I know that those 2 little people he has given me are my most important job here on Earth. (I am so humbled by the gift of them each day). And secondly, I pray that God will settle in my bones and help me to see my path ahead, so that I can feel the peace of knowing that I am where I am supposed to be, and am heading where I am supposed to go.