Cross # 10.7107

Largo, FL

I have always loved Christ ever since I was a child . He died for me the bible says . I came to have a personal relationship with him during hardships that went on in my life for two years . I cryed out to him and read the bible and understood the way God the father sees me . I could tell you a books worth . So i want to get to the point . HE CAN SAVE YOU OUT OF ANYTHING your going through . He brought me out of deep , dark sin that people would never understand . But he understands pain . And ridicule , mean words and hate . Not because he has hate but because Jesus took it on and felt and saw what pain was like . I believe in the whole gospel. And he wants you to trust his words and obey his commands . Because hes wants to protect you . and to Give YOU many things , Because he is our father . If anyone wants to email me and to talk because not one understands …. PLEASE contact me .. It would be such a blessing to listen to you . GOD BLESS YOU ….