Cross # 10.7234

St. Louis, MO

I purchased this cross at the Catholic Women’s Conference in St. Louis, MO.  When I saw your display on the table, I thought about my aunt in Moreno Valley, CA who had recent surgery for breast cancer. I purchased a cross for her and she has already registered her cross.  Her surgery was February, 2011 almost a year ago.  My prayers are for her and other family members who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I myself am a 11 year,almost 12 years in 2012 breast cancer survivor.  I am so thankful to God for my survival.  I pray that my aunt Virgie will do well.  So far she is doing well.  I also have another prayer request.  I am looking for a teaching position as a Special Education teacher.  Please pray that I receive a teaching position.  Thank you for all prayers, for healing for all, for special intentions and especially for your ministry, ANSWERED PRAYERS.
    While I was standing at the table purchasing my crosses in St. Louis, I read some of the testimonies, prayer request, truly an awesome ministry!!  Thank you!!