Cross # 10.7527


Jensen Beach, FL

I received my cross on 01-15-11 while attending a Emmanus Women’s Retreat at our parrish.  Miss Linda Rose was the leader of the retreat and presented each of us in attendance with the cross and the story behind their formation.  The following day my cross blest by Father James Molgano my pastor. Mass that day was in part was that the Commandents of Jesus Christ have no gray areas, they are black and white. My cross is gray. After the blessing, I informed Father James that my cross was really black and white.  He got it.  I pray for many people living and dead and not yet born and my new cross will be a reminder of the Love of Jesus and His Word to all of us, that He will be with us always, in good and difficult times.  I now am humbling asking for prayers for Celia LaBarbera (7 yrs.). She is a little friend of our granddaughter who has tumors in her brain and spine.  Her mom and dad also need prayer and have requested prayers be said to our Beloved John Paul II in Celia’s be  half.  I personally have witnessed the power of God’s Love in my life and have seen miracles.  My husband says that when God begins to work, get out of His way.  His word is Truth and His Love is always present.

Thank you for my cross.

God Bless you.

Your sister in Christ,