Cross # 10.7583

New Orleans, LA

I am a religion teacher at an all girls Catholic School in New Orleans, LA. I went to the National Catholic Education Conference (don’t know if that is the exact title) where I met the founder of the Answered Prayers ministry while waiting in line for coffee at Starbucks.  Elisabeth had such a joy and a love that emmanted from her and I considered myself extremely blessed to have met her and hear “her story” of how she started AnsweredPrayers. I thought the ministry was awesome and wanted to help support the group in any way that I could.  I went by their table later that day and bought a cross.
I chose a cross colored blue with the word Love written on it. It was perfect for me b/c I love the Blessed Mother (blue) and love is one of the main desires of my heart, to love God and love my neighbor as best as I can.
I will keep the ministry and all the women who are involved in it in my daily prayers.  I am looking forward to passing my cross on.