Cross # 10.7608


Melbourne, FL

Mom and I decided to go to a retreat at her church St. Martin De Porres in Jensen Beach, Fl. My Mom was feeling badly because my Dad had just died after 51 years of marriage. I was also feeling bad about loosing my Dad and also struggling in a marriage with a husband that was abusive. My husband was abusive, then started using cocaine and went off the deep end. My husband got so crazy he pointed a loaded gun with his finger on the trigger at my step children and me. He threatened to kill us if we called the police.That, along with his vulgar abusive name calling was more than we could stand. The retreat was given by Linda Rose and was very beniffivial in helping me heal from the recent death of my father and the recent destruction of my family caused by my husband. My step children will always remain in my life, I love them as if I birth them and together with the guidence of God, we will heal. The cross was perfect, Thank you.