Cross # 10.1164


Floral City, Florida


My  daughter  attended  a seminar  and purchased it for me for Mothers Day.  I work  Kairos Prison Ministry and I know  I will be passing this  cross to someone real soon.  If  not to a friend in need, then to a  relative  that has  someone incarcerate,as they are doing the time  right along with their  loved one.  The  prisoners  would not be allowed to have one.

My  son  was incarcerated for  15 yrs. and  he made his  Kairos  weekend while he was in prison,  he wanted me to make one outside. (for women who have a loved one incarcerated.)   I did, and it changed my life.  I have been involved in  prison ministry inside state and Federal prisons for women and  am leading the fall Kairos outside.