Cross # 10.5039



Tampa, Florida


For my Mother on Mother’s Day…


I was baptized Catholic, but for twenty five years that was the only interaction I ever had with my faith. In my adulthood, after having had faced hardship and trials in life, I turned to God to ask why? Why was I unhappy? Why was He making me unhappy? And after shedding many tears and letting go of the anger, I allowed myself to hear His call. He told me to go to church, that I would find peace there. It was Sunday, when I walked into His home. I sat on a pew in the middle of the church and listened as Mass began. Minutes later, the overwhelming beauty and love of the Cross on the altar prompted me to cry. I remember a woman, sitting next to me, who noticed I was crying. She did not ask me why, instead, she gave me the Missal and opened it to the reading of the day. Looking back, I feel she was God’s angel, there to make me feel welcome, and show me that life would be o.k.


I never left God’s home. I went through RCIA to receive my First Communion and Confirmation. Afterward, I invited fellow Catholics to my home to pray and read scripture. This is where my mother comes in. The first time my Catholic friends came over, my mom was short and hid in her bedroom; she was not interested and did not understand my return to the church. I prayed for my family, particularly, my mother because I could see she was unhappy. One day, after much convincing, she agreed to go to RCIA with me. (Having already received the Sacraments, I was mentoring others at that time). Today, I am happy to report that after that, my mother never left God’s home. At RCIA, she made friends, learned about our faith, and found the same peace I had found years before. I can’t remember ever giving my mother a Mother’s Day gift with a spiritual connection. Mom, this cross is for you.