Cross # 10.5311

Gail Ann

Brandon, Fl


One of the Dearest Friends that Anyone could ask for Clareen purchased this at Nativity Church Craft Show in Brandon Florida on 11/20/10 after a Wonderful Women stopped &  took the time to explain the Power of Her Ministry…which she was Blessed with (:

I’ve carried many crosses over the past 10 years & each has brought me to a New Level of Understanding the True Power of God (:

Each time I thought God has Over Estimated my strength & ability he has been beside me to show me the True Belief & Love of God!  Walking with the Lord by Myside there’s Nothing I Can Not Over Come!

Each time I have tried to support, give or share with someone else in need I have always walked away with So mMch mMre than I gave!

Yes there have been times & Now Looking Back I’m ashamed I doubted his presences & each time he has sent a strong signal to remind me he’s still with me…beside me…& with him I will beable to face anything Life cares to throw my way Both Good & Bad.  Thank God… my Savior my Friend the Trying Moments have been Short Lived & the Good Moments Linger on…

I never really understood before what the statement meant that “God Never gives you more than You Can Handle”… what it should say is “God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle as Long as You Keep God, His Son our Savior & the Holy Spirt by Your Side.


Thru it All I Truly Have Been Blessed & I’m Looking Forward to My Continuing Journey Through Life & My Finally Desination of Eternity…It’s All Good! GAP