Cross #10.7604


Valrico, FL


My story is not just 1 answered prayer but multiple answered prayers.  I was living in Dallas, TX area. Life was great, no issues.  We were attending a wonderful church and really growing in our spiritual life.  During my quiet time God kept whispering to me– get ready to move.  I told my husband and he thought I was homesick for my family.  After several weeks of God impressing upon me that we were going to move, my husband wanted us to speak to one of our senior ministers at church. We did and he told us that we needed to pray sincerely for God to give us a clear-cut, no mistake about it sign, so we did. I remember praying with all my heart that God send us something that would give me no doubt if He really wanted us to leave Dallas.  The very next day my sister called to let me know that my father was just diagnosed with cancer. At first I just thought this was a coincidence so just like Gideon, I prayed again.  This time I told God that if my father had the worst  kind of cancer, I would know that he wanted me to go home.  The results were the most agressive. Once again, I told God…Ok God if you really want me to go home, let me get the job that I had applied for.  This was a job that 50 people in my company were going for…I got the job.So my husband and I agreed to be obedient and move my family back to Valrico, FL.  It was a very difficult 2 years as I watched my father wither away to nothing but I did get to forgive him for the way he treated me when I was younger. I was there when he took his last breath on this earth and went to see Jesus in all His glory.  We also moved back the year we had 5 hurricanes so that was very difficult on my entire family. But God is faithful and he knew my path in life.  There are many many answered prayers and blessings he has provided my family for being obedient. So many that I could write much more, but I won’t…I just want you to know that nothing in life is a coincidence…it is truly Jesu  s leading your life but you must be obedient to follow.  He knows the plans he has for you. A plan to prosper you…please believe this and know that He does answer prayers-maybe not the answer you wanted, like my father having cancer,but he only wants the best for you.  Love you Jesus!