Cross # 11.10157

Cordova, TN

I received my cross from my loving sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous, Debbie C for my 4th year of sobriety, which I celebrated on Jan. 22, 2012.  I am 65 years old and will be 66 on 3/18/2012, I was raised in the Jewish faith. I am a grateful recovering alcoholic; and at age of 62 began a rebirth which could only have been engineered and brought about by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On 2/22/08, with no purpose in life whatsoever, sitting alone at home (which I share with my sister and brother-in-law) playing computer games and collecting unemployment.  I had never been to AA and also had been smoking cigs for 60 years {remember the little Indonesian boy on Utube–I was the little girl].  I started having gas p[ains that would not go away.  My tongue swelled up to 3 times it size and I could not breathe.  Worse yet, I truly felt death in the room with me.  I was soo scared!  When as a last resort I raised my arms to Him above and yelled out as best I could My God plea
se help me!  You know when people tell us and the Bible tells us that God reads our hearts, believe it!  God gave me strength to call my sister at work; she could barely understand me.  She rushed home and saw me on the bed covered in sweat and called an ambulance.  They came about 3 minutes later [the firehouse is around the corner] they tried to help me breathe as best they could.  I was in the ER less than an hour when I would put in ICU–I had had an attack of accute pancreatitis.  During the first 24 hour they told my sister twice that they did not know if I would make it. Well after 3-1/2 weeks in the hospital I was released.  I had to stay home for 5 weeks before I could get into rehab and then I stayed only 3 days.  You see on 1/22/08 God had taken away my habits and craving for both alcohol and tobacco–I haven’t been succumbed to a relapse to either to this date–2/4/2012.  I believe I was in rehab for 3 days only because God wanted to introduce me to AA.  The day
after I left I started going to meetings.  I had a sponsor within 2 weeks who not only started going over the steps with me but also fed me devotionals.  I found myself always being attracted to Christian devotionals–especially the new testament–especially Romans. On 9/24/2008 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior–Who else but Him loves me so much the He came after me, guided me to AA–that I realized I owe Jesus everything.  He has given me purpose in life–helping those who were as broken as I was, and am, because He has given me the experience, strength and hope to carry His mantle to them.  With this as my past the He has turned into my assets, I now make my boast in Christ Jesus and will continue to do so in this world for as long as he will have me in it.  Praise You Father, Praise You Jesus and Praise You Holy Spirit! Amen