Cross # 11.10159

Camden NC

I am a survivor of childhood physical and sexual abuse, a single mother, and a full time student, but most of all I am the redeemed daughter of the most high king, God. I bought my cross from the AACC convention in Nashville TN.  Just 6 mo prior to purchasing my cross, I was a resident of a battered woman’s shelter, completely shattered and broken.  It is in my brokenness that I found hope, strength,  meaning and purpose in all the pain.

Dan Allendar writes in The Healing Path  “Hope is not the absence of sorrow, but a refusal to allow powerlessness to silence our cry or to shake our confidence in God.”  If it were not for all of the sorrow in my life, I may have never found my amazing gracious heart, my total dependance on Christ, hope for the future, my joyful spirit, my compassion  for helping others and my amazing strength to persevere through life’s struggles by openly and honestly giving and receiving love.  My journey of faith, hope and love has been a wonderfully frightening journey, but it has taught me to lean on others in times of troubles, and help others with their struggles, while depending on God to light our way.

The world is full of imperfect people, yet God still loves us all and has a purpose for our imperfections and brokenness. (Rom. 8:28) He is the master builder that holds the blue prints to our inner most being. When we are completely broken and shattered, God can and will put us back together even more beautiful than we ever were before. But he is too much of a gentleman to do this without being invited into our lives.  We must open up and allow God to turn our lives into His imperfect masterpieces.

I am currently seeking to turn my dreams into reality by pursuing a degree in Professional Counseling, so that I can better help and encourage others on the healing path to never stop growing!