Cross # 11.10250

Amanda Blazek

Lawler, Iowa

My daughter attended the National Catholic Youth Conference this last week, and came back last night with the cross as a gift for our family.
She told me her story of finding this cross wih “tear drops” and than second guessed and thought she should have bought the one with “hope”. When she went back to the booth, the hope cross was gone.
The cross we recieved with “tears or raindrops” couldn’t have been more perfect. I told her of the song “Blessings” that I was listening too when she was on her trip, and how it touched my heart with the words “Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops, What if your healing comes through tears.”
This touched our hearts as we have been struggling in our family with our teenager’s moodiness and emotinal behaviors as being seen as not being respectful to us and her elders.
When we feel as a family that God has blessed our home and healed us from this struggle we will pass on the cross. We already know who we will be giving it to. A family in our community who’s 3 year old son who has cancer.