Cross # 11.10276

La Crosse, WI

At the NCCW convention.
Married at 30,divorced while pregnant with fourth child. Left due to fear of my life and that of my child due to husband not wanting another child and becoming abusive. Spent twenty years being followed, harassed, and it was legally supported through the courts with ongoing court hearings over things like wanting a rolling pin, a penny collection, and totally insane court hearings, that the courts allowed to be heard. I had no money, so no attorney but had to always show up for the hearings. The attorney laughed when I asked why the court allowed such ridiculous hearings, saying it was legalized harrassment. The attorney said:”he is just an adjudicating man”. I had my baby alone, moved cross country, stayed in a women’s shelter while finding a job,nursed my baby, cared for four littleones, found a house,worked full time, drove 60 miles one was to and from work for six years, until another job was found. Eventually bought a home, survived the death of my closest sister, my mot
her, two close friends, a near death accident/fall through a rotted deck rail, the abandonment from my family of origin, due to the divorce,the loss of one son who chose to live with his father 1000 miles away, then got into drugs, then came home addicted for ‘rules’, got him off using, and graduated, lost my first grandson born due to birth defects, got three of the four children out of college with degrees, and all are now adults who are indepedent, non using, faith filled contributors to society. Not taking from but giving to others. One is a missionary in Thailand, one is a college grad also serving in the military reserves,did his year in Iraq, another daughter getting married to a good fine stable young man who treats her well, and the son who had gone to live with his father, is still struggling but coming around to a sober life, and trying to make me see that his is becoming the man God created him to be. Story not over, but am presently writing my story, it is one o
f survival and faith, strength and courage, despair then hope, brokeness and healing, and still working on healing of memories. Telling my story and writing it down, for my children, for I never told it, and after it is written I will let it go. I only pray someone can learn, and be helped besides me from reading it. My cross says: FREE on it. I am now finally free