Cross #11.10297

Greenfield, IN

Let me first explain I am blessed to be apart of an amazing group of women known as CRHP sisters. We are all members of St. Michael’s, Greenfield. Christ Renews His Parish starts as retreat weekend which brings people together to give witness and grow in faith. Our group continues to be close after many years. We have even traveled to Houston, TX to form a group with a sister that moved away. I cannot imagine my world without these ladies! Personally, they have helped me with the loss of my mother and my husbands deployment. We laugh, we cry and we support each other in many, many ways. We always get together to celebrate Christmas. This year I had the pleasure of getting this cross along with a $10 Starbuck’s card (with a $2.59 balance…lol) in our gift exchange. I pray as I pass it on to one our dearest sisters that we WITNESS THE HEALING with her husband. He was seriously injured when a tree fell on him. He is in a hospital quite a distance from home. Please speed Bryan’s recovery to get him home and painfree soon. I have to smile when I look at this
perfecly flawed cross…because our group is known to be flawed to the point of being cracked pots…..  PEACE.