Cross # 11.10389

New York

My younger sister gave me this cross..mine says….”Believe in Yourself”.  Leah, is a cancer survivor.  I moved back home when she got sick and helped with her newborn son.  I had been in VA for 20 years and was lucky enough to be able to work for the same company in VA from my home in NY.  Once Leah got on her feet, my mom lost her house and she moved in with me.  I was happy to be able to take care of her.  In February of 2010, I lost a very close friend, one of those ladies who are the pillar of your group of friends, to breast cancer.  In June of 2010, I lost my job with a company I had been with for almost 17 years.  Mom was quite sick from August to January of 2011….my dog died suddenly in November of 2010.  so it was a very challenging year.  I am still unemployed…trying as hard as I can.  In May of 2011, I started feeling poorly and as of today, I have some fluid on my left lung.  Probably no big deal, but it’s affected my day to day life for 4 months, s
o I am hoping to find relief.  I had to have my mom move in with Leah because I am at the end of my savings and soon, the end of unemployment and health benefits.  I am a strong woman and I have Faith.  But it’s been a little difficult.  I am so thankful that Leah brought me this cross.  I will keep it with me on my next interview next week and my follow up doctor appoinment next week as well.  I know that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle….He obviously has a lot more Faith in me than I feel!