Cross # 11.10885

Clearwater, FL
I received my cross today June 26,2013 :) my attorney gave it to me. Here is my story . My name is Marlo I am 44 years old. I almost died last year. March  30th 2012 I am a survivor of severe domestic violence . God saved my life twice that day now every threat made if I ever left is and has been carried out. I am losing my home and that is how I received cross from one of the attorneys. I have been tortured my whole life . Jaw smashed my sons teeth knocked out 5k In damages broken into my home again he is dating a prostitute they broke into my home again and now thru my faith and prayers GoD keeps sending me ANGELS to protect me and Help me  . They the attornies filed emergency motions other attorney helping to save my home:) I could go on and on its was a lifetime of torture but now IM FREE God saved my life twice that day March 30 2012 I finally got the courage to face and follow thru with protection order and divorce he stopped paying everything and wrecked my car
brand new one it a ditch .Again I could go on and on but its so much I would have to write a book. This is not bragging but Farrah Fawscett ythe burning bed? my life before my near death can make that movie look like childs play.. I LOVE GOD always Have and had my FAITHin him. He saved me twice Im am alive and I am FREE