Cross # 11.10934


Mayfield Hts., OH

I received this cross as a gift from my only son, AJ, upon his return from NCYC 2011.

I have been blessed with a wonderful, kind, caring and very loving and understanding son who knows that I/we have a love and passion for GOD as well as collecting Cross’….

I am a divorced single Mom, trying to get by in this crazy economy after losing my job as of 1/1/11. AJ has been my “why” and strength with starting up a new business.

This cross states: love. honor. cherish.  that is what he and I share, and have based our relationship on!!!!

As he grows up and becomes more of an adult, as long as we continue to keep these three words GOD gave us in our hearts… we can get through anything!!

Let us see if and where this cross passes next and to who and why… it will have to be a very special reason being a gift from my son…. but GOD will guide me when and where to continue the journey of this cross….