Cross #11.10969

Greenville, SC

My husband presented me with this cross to begin my new journey with a new life.  I have battled a devastated pancreatic illness, and it has almost taken my life.  I am a young mom, 37 years old, and have suffered for over 8 years.  I took a turn for the worse last year, and was placed on a feeding tube.  I finally had my diseased pancreas completely removed, trading it in for a life of complications including diabetes and malabsorption.  I dropped to a low 84 pounds, and it wsa scary, but my life was slowly ending by keeping the powerful organ, so the drastic measure had to be taken.  I am able to eat and see my kids continue to grow. I take one day at a time, but I will admit, my once strong faith has become weak.  I can no longer do anything alone.  I need the help of many, including prayers for my body and spirit.  Many days, it can seem that the only light at the end of the tunnel is that of a freight train, but I can only hope in the truth that an everlasting life in heaven is awaiting, and suffering will be no more