Cross #11.1126

Tullahoma, TN

 I bought this cross from Answered Prayers while at the Catholic Women of Faith Conference in Franklin,TN. I saw this cross and I knew I was meant to give it to a dear friend of mine, Manesha. Manesha lost her husband to cancer and footprints in the sand has been a theme that we have carried with us throughout her husband’s illness. This handmade cross caught my eye when I saw the impressions in it that looked like feet and then the indentations were sprinkled with sand.  It is beautiful and I am sending it to my dear friend Manesha. I miss her very much and I love her so much. I hope she feels my love in this cross and I hope the mustard seed on the back gives her hope for many great Blessings to come to her.  With love to you Manesha. I hope to see you add to this story of love and friendship. Love maria