Cross #11.11271

Memphis, TN

I received my cross from Karen an eye tech. My daughter passed away 2 yrs ago on 2/19/2010. Krystal was born with Spina Bifida and lived 27 years. She was a precious person. Krystal lived her life full of Christian values and character. Her legacy was a Christian life. She was her mom’s (me)bestfriend as I was her’s. We did so much together. I was so proud of her, Krystal graduated Crichton College with a BS in Psycology, BA in Biblical study, and lacked only 3 hours from havig a BS in Education. This from a young woman whom the doctors said wouldn’t live 24 hours and would be a vegetable all her life. Well the Lord showed them all just what He could do with Krystal. I miss her so much I ache. I know the Lord only loaned her to me and that she was really His child. It was really obvious she was His all her life, she lived as true testimony to the Lord’s goodness. This is my story of my daughter and I am having a really hard time this month. I pray that the Lord continue to be by my side.