Cross #11.11271

Olive Branch, MS

I was given this cross by a very dear friend after sharing a God moment in our Cursillo grouping.  My story was as follows:  My 25 year old son died on 2-25-2004 after a five year battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  When initially diagnosed, my son was given a 98 percent chance of complete remission.  I was at a meeting early last week and felt his presence with me.  I have an angel bell on my sun visor in my car that often goes crazy ringing as I am driving.  I often think to myself that it is my son talking to me.  As I started the car, the bell began ringing and I heard a voice saying “you will see him soon”.  I felt an unusual sense of peace and immediately thought, what does that mean? I began to look for his face in the shape of the clouds or the blending of tree branches, and after a few days forgot about what I had heard.  Saturday morning, I had intentions of going to adoration for the intention of our pastor who will soon be leaving our church.  I stopped to get gas and when I walked into the gas station a woman had slipped on a wet floor and was lying on the floor.  People were coming and going as if she was not there.I bent down to ask her if she was o.k., and she told me she just needed help getting up.  She was alert and oriented and felt that she had suffered a sprain to her ankle.  Her ankle was already swollen.  Immediately, a man appeared out of nowhere, and asked me to allow him to help her up.  He did so and we helped her out to her car as she did not want any medical attention at the time.  I thanked the man for helping me and we hugged each other.  I watched him go to his car and immediately felt something within me stir as I saw that he was approaching a green dodge ram truck, a truck exactly like the truck that was my son’s and still sits in our driveway.  As I continued to watch  this young man in total disbelief, I began to clealy see my son’s bautiful, smiling face. Without thinking and without hesitating,  I called out ” Chad”! He turned around with a surprised look on his face. He looked at me, smiled, and said “yes mam, how do you know my name?”

I went on to the church as I was to meet a group of woman for mass and then a meeting.  I was praying a rosary wondering why no one was showing up.  I looked at my cell phone and the date hit me, it was 1-21-12.  On 1-21-04 my son, “Chad”, was hospitalized for the last time.  He had undergone a stem cell transplant and basically had no immune system.  He was very ill.  It was snowy and cold.  I pulled in front of the physician’s office building, helped him out of the car to the front door, and told him to wait there for me while I parked the car.  When I entered through the front door, there was my son lying on the floor of the main corridor with people literally stepping over him to get where they needed to get. Even with me bending down over him, no one stopped. He looked up at me and simply asked,”mom, can you please get me a wheelchair?”  All of the pieces of the puzzle finally fit together. God has provided me many sightings of Chad since his death, not only by myself, but other people around me who never knew Chad.  There is no way for me to explain this other than a miracle, but then again, my son’s 25 years of life was nothing but a miracle as I was told on my first visit to my OB/GYN. I had miscarried with his pregnancy.