Cross # 11.11434

Columbia, SC

I bought this cross at the National Council of Catholic Women Convention in Chicago in November 2011. I looked for a cross for my dad, who is battling cancer, and I found one, which I will give to him. I then looked for one for me. For some reason, I was drawn to this one–11.11434. To me, it looked like it had an image of a mother with her arms around a child. I had planned on keeping it, but then I read something about giving the crosses away. I immediately thought of the admin in our office who was been out of work caring for her adult daughter who was injured in a very serious car wreck when she was hit by a drunk driver. Our admin has a VERY tough job taking care of her daughter and her granddaughter (who was only 3 months old at the time of the accident), all while working and taking care of the household chores, too. I figured our admin could use someone to craddle her and hold her like it looks like on this cross. So I will give the cross to her.