Cross #11.11446

Carmel, IN
I was newly diagnosed with Lyme disease (in October) and was headed to Arizona for treatments over Christmas break for the first time. I was terrified for so many reasons. I just started a new job in August at a new school, a wonderful new school that was understanding of my situation. I had made a new friend there named Julie. I had not shared my illness with very many people but she knew because I trusted her with my story. She pulled out this cross and shared a special story about her. It was the most generous gift I have ever received. Well, I have loved on this cross, and prayer is the answer. The day she gave it to me I was hoping and praying for anything to work. Hopeless was where I was when I received it. I have been guided in the direction I have needed to get well and I am now myself again. I told Julie one day that I thought I would never be able to pass this cross to someone because I thought I would never get better. Lyme is a horrible curse, but that curse has been lifted. I now have the confidence to actually verbalize and say, “I am ME again!” This, in itself, is a miracle. I am ready to pass my cross on. I am writing today because I am ready. Wow, I can’t believe this day has come!