Cross # 11.11542

Napa, CA

I have been blessed with a loving family and loving friends, but like most my life hasn’t always been easy. I have dealt with my fair share of deaths and difficulties. I received my cross two months ago at the National Catholic Youth Conference and I couldn’t decide who to give it to, so I decided to keep it.  Lately, I have been going through a tough time. One of my best friends has just enlisted in the Marines. I am extremely proud but at the same time I am extremely scared. I have known him for most of my life and within a matter of six months he will be gone. My cross has the words “explore”, ‘believe”, “imagine”, “sharing” and “passion” written on it. From this moment on I pledge to explore the world around me without fear, believe that God’s plan for me will lead me to true happiness, imagine a world full of grace and work towards it to make a change, share what I have been so generously given and be passionate about my life even if times are tough. Life comes with struggles, hard ships and tough times. No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.