Cross #11.11691

Indianapolis, IN

I worked as a 2nd grade teacher in a catholic elementary school for 7 years.  We were fortunate enough to have teaching assistants.  One woman who assisted in 2nd grade for a few years was especially kind and helpful.  She became a friend.  She knew that my husband and I wanted to have children and were having difficulties.  She was with me when I would talk about our desire to adopt a baby.  She was there when I had little breakdowns and cried once or twice while the kids were at lunch.  One day she brought me this cross and told me she said a prayer for us and for our future family.  She has a lot of faith, and that was uplifting.

Yesterday my husband and I baptized our son, Eddie who came to us through adoption almost 3 months ago.  His birth parents chose us from a scrapbook of our lives.  I am not teaching this year, but working part time with a non-profit that works to serve children of all abilities through disability awareness.  I can work from home when I need to and I can have Eddie with me when I work at the foundation.  I feel like I’m living a dream come true.  I’m ready to pass on my cross to another long-time and wonderful friend who would like to have a baby.